News from Hepatitis Week of March 2, 2003 / Vol. 3 No. 09

PEG-Intron Users No Longer Need ID Number to Fill Prescriptions

Hepatitis C sufferers will be able to fill their PEG-Intron prescriptions directly at pharmacies now that the Schering Corporation has eliminated its access assurance program.

The program was set up in October 2001 to ensure that people who began treatment with the drug had uninterrupted access to a full course of therapy, regardless of possible fluctuations in demand. The program required patients to get an identification number before they could obtain the drug.

Schering is urging patients who are told at the pharmacy that the drug is backordered to have their pharmacists call the company's customer service line at (800) 222-7579.

Schering said an independent third party would confidentially maintain any patient information obtained through the access assurance program until the information can be destroyed.

Other sources: Schering Corporation