News from Hepatitis Week of Sept. 7, 2003 / Vol. 3 No. 36
Study: Early Response to Peg-Intron Combo Therapy Predictive of Success

Hepatitis C patients who respond early to combination therapy with Peg-Intron injection and Rebetol capsules should be able to successfully complete treatment, according to a study reported in the September issue of Hepatology.

Early virologic responses to this treatment should help physicians make treatment decisions and motivate patients to adhere to and complete treatment, according to lead researcher Dr. Michael Manns of the Medical School of Hannover in Germany

In their study, Manns and his colleagues found that 76 percent of patients demonstrated an early virologic response following 12 weeks of individualized, weight-based dosing of the combination therapy. Of those, 80 percent went on to achieve a sustained virologic response after full treatment.

Of the patients who failed to attain an early response at 12 weeks, none achieved a sustained virologic response after completing the treatment.

Manns said the results suggest that physicians can predict, with a high degree of confidence, which patients will not respond to further treatment, and ensure that therapy is not prematurely discontinued for any potential responders.

Other sources: Schering Canada