Hepatitis Week intends to provide exposure for a variety of views on developments in research and therapies for hepatitis, and particularly hepatitis C.

These will include:

  • Research updates:

    Hepatitis researchers and scientists are invited to submit topical articles related to hepatitis targeted to the patient and non-specialist healthcare professional. Submissions do NOT need to be previously unpublished, but authors must make disclosure of previous publication.

  • Interviews with experts (and patients).
  • Points of View on therapy options, including alternative and complementary medicine.

    Opinion pieces by the experts in this field are welcome. Articles published under this heading do not necessarily reflect the views of Hepatitis Week, and authors are solely responsible for the content.

We Expect This Section Will Be Completed by March 1








Hepatitis Week will be the sole judge of the appropriateness of questions. Acceptance of a question for posting does not imply any warranty or responsibility for the accuracy of material contained therein. To submit a question, please send it via email to