Factors of psychological health impairment

Conditionally, all factors can be divided into 2 groups:

  1. External (environmental) – various negative impacts and negative relationships between a person and others. Violation of relationships in the family, at school, at work, etc. Negative relationships between children and their parents can lead not only to underdevelopment, but also to various emotional disorders.
  2. Internal – the impact of the disturbed part of the psyche on the healthy part. For example, an emotional disorder affects the cognitive area of the personality and reduces the ability to communicate. The violation of the emotional sphere interferes with the free interaction of the personality with the surrounding world, leads to deviations in personal development, and causes the appearance of somatic disorders.
Factors of psychological health impairment

Among the emotional development disorders in childhood and adolescence, anxiety, fears, aggressiveness, and isolation take the first place.

The main function of psychological health is to maintain an active dynamic balance between a person and the environment in situations that require the mobilization of personal resources. The key word to describe psychological health is the word “harmony” or otherwise “balance. First of all, it is harmony between different aspects of the person: emotional and intellectual, bodily and mental. In addition, it is also harmony between a person and others.

Factors of psychological health impairment

What is the secret of harmony of inner state and external success? The secret is that there is an equality of achievements in 3 important spheres of life: WORK, FAMILY, PERSONALITY. Which of the spheres are you in more often? Perhaps, the FAMILY is relevant for you now, and your thoughts are more occupied with family concerns. Or the WORK is important for you and you spend most of your time at work. And there is also a small group of people who are engaged in their Personality (hobby, communication with friends, the formation of new skills, such as learning a foreign language or improving their computer skills).

Ideally it is a balance of equal achievements in 3 areas. An area that is undeveloped (neglected) is the problematic space of your personality. Each of the 3 spheres is responsible for different but equally important questions in our lives, when a sphere is left unattended, these questions also remain unattended. For example, the lack of attention to the sphere of Personality leads to the issues of rest/hobby, which are responsible for the release from negative emotions. This results in chronic fatigue syndrome.