What is psychological health?

Psychological health is a prerequisite for the full development of a person. “The body does not fall ill separately and independently of the soul” (Socrates). Physical health and psychological health are interconnected. Thoughts and emotional reactions affect physical health. Strong emotions (fear, anger, grief) – especially if they are displaced and suppressed – can cause psychosomatic diseases. Physical health (good nutrition, exercise, breathing, sleep) affects our spiritual and emotional life.

Psychological health – a state of spiritual well-being (comfort), an adequate attitude to the world around us, the absence of painful mental phenomena (phobias, neurosis).

Model of psychological health

What is psychological health?

The system of 5 components:

  1. Axiological (self-relationship) component assumes a person’s awareness of his or her value and uniqueness, as well as the value and uniqueness of others. An individual’s acceptance of himself with sufficient knowledge of himself, as well as the acceptance of others. Fully accepts himself and at the same time recognizes the value and uniqueness of people around him.
  2. The instrumental component implies the possession of reflexion as a means of self-knowledge, the ability to concentrate consciousness on oneself, on one’s inner world and one’s place in relationships with others.
  3. The need – motivational component determines whether a person has a need for self-development, i.e., self-change and personal growth. A person takes full responsibility for his life.
  4. The development component assumes dynamics in mental, personal, social and physical development. It does not create prerequisites for psychosomatic diseases. A person is in constant development and contributes to the development of other people.
  5. The social and cultural component determines a person’s ability to act successfully and develop in the social and cultural environment around him/her. Ability to understand and interact with people.
What is psychological health?

It is clear that the presented image of “psychological health” can be regarded as a model, but children mostly have certain deviations.

Criteria of psychological health:

  • positive sense of self (positive emotional background of mood)
  • high reflexion
  • age-critical success
  • social adaptation (ability to adapt to changing conditions)

Psychologically healthy person: not afraid when there are no real grounds for it; not afraid to take responsibility for their actions; prefers to think for himself.